How we work

The study of the company's operations

Reviewing accounting statements

Setting goals and KPIs

Vessel management

Achieving set goals and KPIs

       The Company has attracted leading Russian professionals with an extensive background in the commercial fishing industry and fishery agency; practitioners in management of fishing fleet vessels; distinguished flagship captains and chief engineers, financiers and analysts with an expertise in fishing legislation and fishery orders.

       A team of professionals from related fields has made it possible to build a team with an intimate knowledge of fishery and expertise in management of fishing vessels, refrigerator ships, and tankers.

       In our activities, we account for global experience in managing international commercial fishing, implementing advanced fishing fleet management processes, developing new production automation technologies, and review analytical data on fishery resources of the World Ocean.

       Years-long experience in integrated management of fishing vessels has helped us develop and achieve success in increasing catch, augmenting output, improving operating performance, and provide a complete range of quality services for the international fishing industry.

       Our company is building its relations based on principles of long-term cooperation, mutual benefit and unconditional fulfillment of mutual obligations. Flexibility and reasonable conservatism in decision-making and the professionalism of our staff allow our company to successfully develop mutually beneficial international relations with business partners.